Noah Lee

How did COVID-19 impact you and your loved ones?
The pandemic highlighted a lot of areas in my life that I had been taking for granted. With the confusion and fear that was spreading among my friends and family, it became clear to me that I had grown distant from important relationships during my years in college. COVID-19 brought together my family in unique and challenging ways through a series of conversations and a lot of time together.

In what ways did you adjust and deal with all the changes that came with the pandemic?
Nearly all of my interactions became virtual as the stay-at-home orders were in place. As an extravert, the inability to see people face to face depleted me. However, all the time alone enabled me to connect with God through prayer. My prayer life has certainly deepened through the pandemic.

How did you stay connected with others during the difficult time?
I was able to connect and reconnect with a lot of important people in my life through Zoom and Facebook. Zoom allowed me to see my friends' faces and to maintain human connections through the mundaneness of being at home all day. I was also able to utilize Zoom for spiritual connections like Bible Studies and Prayer Meetings as well.

What are some takeaways from the past year?
I learned a lot about myself this past year and how important it is to be known by others. Conflict was natural and heightened by the stay-at-home orders, and learning how to navigate conflict resolution has shaped me as a man. I also learned the importance of humility and the fragility of my life. It has developed a heart of gratefulness.