Joann Fields

My name is Joann Fields. I chair San Diego’s Filipino COVID-19 Task Force. Filipinos have been hit hard by COVID-19. We usually live in large households and many of us have jobs in health care. My job on the task force is make sure as a community we are being given the same access to vaccines and testing as everyone else. I am working hard to make sure all communities of color have the same access. Right now, I am fighting for outreach programs for the Filipino community. We are the 2nd largest ethnic group in San Diego. Yet, we still have to prove we exist. We need disaggregated data to make sure we receive important resources. Statistically, Filipinos have high rates of some underlying conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure. We need to get the word out to our community. The County hired Filipino Contact Tracers, but needs to hire trusted voices. Our community speaks a variety of languages. It is important resources are made available in those languages. When we are not seen, we are not counted, we are not resourced, it's like we don't exist.