Jane Lee Woo

My husband, daughter and I were walking when I saw a white woman (appeared to be in her 60s) making her way toward my husband while he was crossing the street. She got closer and closer to him until she whispered in his ear, "Why do Muslims behead only white people and not Chinese?" My husband told me to ignore her, but she continued to ask the question and escalate the situation. When she asked the question again, my husband responded, "I don't know--I'm not a Muslim." She walked away, and we started laughing because the situation seemed so ridiculous. When she heard us laughing, she turned around and walked back toward us asking, "You think being beheaded is funny? You think murder based on race and ethnicity is funny?" My husband said, "No I think you coming up to me very closely is a little rude." She said, "I think that's called a crime on humanity, to behead somebody because they're white!" This continued on about five or six more times as she came charging back toward us each time we made a comment or laughed. She started getting really close to us, and I was holding my one-year-old daughter the entire time. Concerned for her safety because this woman wasn't wearing a mask and yelling at us, I yelled back at her to "Back up! I will call the police if you come any closer!" There were multiple witnesses of this incident. Two Black couples checked on us afterward, and one of them recorded much of the incident. It was truly an alarming and traumatizing experience.