Greg Jennings

After working 40 years in construction, a heart condition forced Greg Jennings to find a new career. At the age of 61, Greg went back to school enrolling at San Diego City College.He was doing well and making friends and mentoring the younger students. Once COVID hit in 2020, it all changed. The college was forced to put everything online. For Greg this meant hitting the all to familiar digital divide. School went from exhilarating to a struggle for Greg. Coming back at an older age was a boost not just for Greg but also for the students that he mentored. Together they navigated the world. Professors were excited to see him, to help them explain the importance of an education and the world to young people just starting out. The stress of learning how to navigate class online became difficult adding stress to his already fragile health. Greg quit school with 2 months left in the semester. The change also meant the loss of his financial aid. “Stressed and Depressed,” is how Greg describes this time for him. A gregarious personality, no pun intended, Greg misses the interaction with people. With the uncertainty of classes resuming full-time on-campus any time soon, Greg is enrolling in continuing education courses just to learn computer skills.